dance from saudia: M3alaya

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What do you think about this dance? There are alot of video clip on youtube (in strange situation too O_o )but I like this kind of dance.
I like the dance with false guns. Do you know the name of it?thank you.

N.B.: I posted this topic 3 times, I have problems with tribe. Sorry for my mistake.
  • I've seen a lot of this dance show up on the video channels online, I think largely due to the foreign military presence in the area. Someone's comment was "malaya is type of dance in united Arab Emirates & Oman .. it's so sexy & it's ass shaking with drums." Someone else linked in what's pretty prevalent in hip-hop videos here in the US with the name "American Malaya":

    It's a really impressive sequence of moves, but it is HIGHLY sexualized -- at least in these videos. Most of the videos I have seen eventually have the girls bent over, either just in general or over each other but this could be an effect of the fact that these girls were willing to be filmed and were "performing" already. I can make no assertions to what's going on in places like: but that certainly doesn't seem to be in the realm of non-prostitution (which is fine, I make no judgment).

    Physically, I would love to figure out the base hip move, cuz damn! Everything else makes me worry about my back. :/ It seems strongly reminiscent of the East African dance I've seen, particularly the casual kind.
    • Lisa, I appreciate your post. You stated clearly my thoughts and feelings about this video. It seemed exploitative to me. And that's more, I think, because of the point of view of the person doing the video taping and the person who posted and described the dance on YouTube.
    • I'd never heard of American Malaya, but I have heard of "stripper dance," especially in krumping and clowning, which was a big LA thing a few years ago. Ever seen the movie Rize? Here's a clip of what those dancers call stripper dance - it looks similar to what you've posted here.
      • Yeah, that label of "American Malaya" isn't correct, but it's interesting that the video poster made that connection.
        • I would like to dance this kind of dance for few seconds in a coreography, the music is very different then egyptian music, so I need to edit. There is an other step/movement of m3alaya dance and it s on the floor (sorry but I lost the clip on youtube). their back shake alot and it could be voulgar.
          Anyway...I will begin training this dance and if I will have a good, hard/soft, UP back I will say you! hihihihihihihihi

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