Belly dancer on India's Got Talent

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It seems like there's been a lot of belly dancing on shows like these lately. And so far this one was my favorite.
Any thoughts?
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  • I liked her dancing. Much better than the ones I've seen in the Western competitions. I'd love to know more about what she and the judges were saying. If anyone can provide translations, that would be great. Thanks for sharing.

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    I could tell that she was defending the "its not to entertain men, we ain't strippers" motto. Way to go! I loved her shimmies and I know the song is over used but I like Shik Shak Shok. Its such a fun song.
  • I posed a text comment on the video, and never posted here. ;)

    I thought she did a fabulous job. You could tell she really was committed to the art form, and not just shaking it to be half naked and the center of attention, like some others we've seen on reality TV. She had really good technique, I thought. If any improvement could be recommended, it would be hands/arms, but not even that was enough to distract us from watching her dance.
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    I agree with Nuria, some moves were a bit aggressive, even spastic (like the spins and arms), and at times she didn't seem to be going with the music completely (could be an issue with the sync).

    That said, she did much better than the others I've seen in such shows and I don't think I could personally have done better. I know I'd be extremely nervous and that would definitely show. Also, she has wonderful shimmies.
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      Agreed, I'm not embarrassed by her dancing as I have been by others on the talent shows. I agree, the spins aren't super graceful, but maybe it's her style? But she certainly has talent.

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