A Tribal Video Mini-Class

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The first in a series of online tribal belly dance (ATS/ITS group improv) instructional videos by Seba, Director of WildCard BellyDance.

The featured move is The "Wild Lotus". This is considered a Level 2 move and is done in 8 counts with an optional turn. Seba breaks down the move as well as how to transition in and out. Including a short performance clip showing the move in action. This unique move is part of the WildCard BellyDance ITS format
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    Fri, December 24, 2010 - 11:45 AM
    Wonderful. A nice mini-lesson, thank you. Please do post more as they become available.
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      Tue, January 4, 2011 - 9:48 AM
      Basic Egyptian Part 1
      Seba breaking down the Level One move along with the half-turn.

      Basic Egyptian Part 2.
      Seba teaches the basic finger symbol pattern and the full turn spin.
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        Thu, January 6, 2011 - 9:26 AM
        Seba from WildCard BellyDance teaches Hip Bump (also known as Pivot Bump) This move includes the Arc-turn and is demonstrated leading from both the right and left hips. This move is demostrated as taught in the WildCard BellyDance Group Improv (ITS/ATS) format.

        Tribal Belly Dance Lessons: Hip Bump / Pivot Bump part 1

        Tribal Belly Dance Lesson: Hip Bump / Pivot Bump part 2
        The finger symbol pattern to Hip Bump (also known as Pivot Bump) as well as transitioning from Basic Egyptian into hip bump. The instruction ends with multiple examples of the move performed by WildCard BellyDance
      • Seba, Director of WildCard BellyDance continues her free online tribal style mini-classes with these four videos.

        3/4 Shimmy or "Walking Shimmy", Seba breaks-down the shimmy as taught by WildCard BellyDance.

        Shimmy Drills: follow Seba to practice what you learned in the Shimmy lesson

        Turkish With Shimmy Overlay Transitions, Spins, Leading from the Left and Right

        Turkish Drills : follow Seba as she transitions into and out of Turkish from other classic ATS moves.

        Coming up next... "2 forward 2 back", "1- 1" and a special drills video where all moves covered so far are drilled from both the right and left hips.

        Thanks for your comments and for watching.
        • Tribal Belly Dance Class : Practice Drills with Seba of WildCard BellyDance

          Seba wraps up her Level One and Two YouTube instructional Series with this drills video that incorporates all moves taught so far.

          Tribal Belly Dance Class: Single Bump or One One

          Seba breaks down the ATS Single Bump as it its taught in their ITS format also known as One One.

          Tribal Belly Dance Class: Double Bump

          Seba breaks-down this level two move as taught by WildCard BellyDance in their ATS/ITS format. The Double Bump a classic ATS move
          • Thank you for the link. I really like the WIld Lotus and the Poocano steps. They look beautiful and work really well into ATS format. I look forward to sharing them with our troupe in the New Year and trying them out!

            Also, does anyone know the name of the track she is jamming to in the practice drills video? Love it.

            Happy dancing sisters!

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